junior box-it, boxing classes for kids in Bristol

Junior Box-it

Are you or your child interested in boxing, but do not like the full-contact nature of the sport?

Boxing does not have to be a contact sport and indeed, it can be a valuable training method for all kinds of people. 

Afterall, when asked what the best martial art for sheer skill and physicality was, Bruce Lee said it was boxing!

£3 Wednesday Evenings 6:30pm - 7:15pm
St Martins Church, St Martins Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2ND.

junior box-it kid's Boxing classes in Bristol

Non-contact boxing is perfect for young people of all backgrounds. In fact, today it has a wide appeal to both boys and girls. It is also easy to set up, requires minimal space and when matched, like with Real Fitness Bristol, with a great team of experts, teaches children to move, punch, and defend without physical contact but while getting fitter. 

Junior Box-it does not have to be a first step toward full contact boxing, but if that’s something you or your child want to do, then it provides the perfect grounding for future success. What Junior Box-it does is give the child a window into the world of boxing, shows them the physical requirements of the sport, the techniques and the discipline required to succeed.

Benefits of Junior Box-it

Junior Box-it is a non-contact form of boxing for kids. It promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle, discipline and the basics of one of the world’s oldest and most enduring martial arts. We will give your kid great boxing technique as well as coaching them to improve their overall fitness, and helping them improve their confidence, social skills, and coordination.

Our Junior Box-it programme works on the child’s heart, lungs and muscles, making them fitter, stronger and better coordinated. It does this through working the cardiovascular system and major muscle groups. These muscles do not solely revolve around the arms, but also the lower body, and the core and trunk muscles. 

It also teaches them that sport and exercising can be fun, while instilling a strong sense of discipline. The technique based exercises will help your child’s balance, movement and coordination. These exercises work on the core techniques of boxing such as the stance, the guard, defensive play and hits - all done on pads and never through sparring.

In addition to helping both fitness and coordination, we have found that Junior Box-it helps children with their social skills, helps them develop healthy and balanced lifestyles, improves social inclusion, improves self-esteem and confidence, and sees children improve results and participation in other recreational activities.

What Does Junior Boxing Include?

Our weekly boxing programme will teach your kid the basic techniques of boxing. Kids will learn the basic boxing stance, the guard stance and basic shots. Training will include padwork and shadowboxing.

As well as teaching basic boxing techniques, our Bristol boxing kids club includes aerobic exercises such as sprinting and skipping. It also includes basic muscle work. Our classes will never include contact boxing or sparring. We believe in keeping it fun and non-competitive. In fact, we promote a sharing and cooperation environment where all those taking part, be they trainers, parents or the kids themselves work together and help each other out.

Want to Join In?

We’d love to have your kids take part in our Junior Box-it training sessions. Get in touch before hand or turn up on the day for more information about what it involves and what your kid needs in order to take part. We recommend any kids wanting to take part should arrive wearing regular workout clothing.

When? Wednesday Evenings, 6:30 to 7:15pm
St Martins Church, St Martins Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2ND
How Much? Just £3 per person, per session

Feel free to connect with us using the social media Tabs to find out more about what we offer within the packages or to ask us any questions