Four week suicide fitness cmap in Bristol

Four Week Suicide Camp

You’ve messed up. Let’s face it - everything is going to be last minute now, butthere’s one important thing to remember - you’re not a quitter.

In fact, you’re a fighter and you’ve decided to throw it all in. You have decided you are still going to go for it, you’ll fight to the end like Leonidas and the 300 at Thermopylae!

There are many reasons for signing up to our really intense training camp - you might have a big day coming up where you need to look good, fit into an old suit/dress, or perhaps you signed up to do a big race - a cross-country run or a half marathon and you’ve not kept to a good training schedule. We can create a good camp that involves muscle exercises, aerobic exercises and the right kind of diet.

We’re with you. We’ll be there to help you squeeze all the last minute training and work outs and diets you need to make the best of it, to limit the damage and go down swinging. Bear a few things in mind though:

  • It is going to be messy
  • It’s gonna hurt - no pain, no gain, right?


  • It’s gonna be well organized
  • It’s going to be structured

And it will get results!

What Does the Suicide Camp Involve?

four week extreme suicide fitness camp in Bristol
As we’ve already said, it is going to involve pain. Basically, you’re going to accelerate your training programme and squeeze it into a shorter amount of time. This is a highly personalised package which takes into account where you are and what your goals are. We offer a mixture of aerobic training and muscular toning exercises and workouts. The suicide camp is a complete and intense training package and it includes:
  • 4 weeks of structured training and lifestyle guidance
  • 5 hours of personal training a week
  • Structured eating plan
  • Round the clock nutritional advice
  • 2 protein shakes per workout day

What are the Benefits of the Suicide Camp?

The most important question is what do you want to get out of the camp? Real Fitness’ personal training programmes are designed to make progress at a reasonable rate without interrupting your real life. However, the suicide camp means you’ve got an event coming up, a beach holiday perhaps and you do not have the time to take it slow or take out one of our packages.What benefits you get from the suicide camp is a total, immersive workout programme that is going to change your life. As we have already said, these programmes are not easy and in fact, they are real tough because you’re working out more than with any other programme we run. It is going to be intense, but sometimes intense is good. You need it if you are going to improve your body, build muscle and eat right in a short period of time.

Sign Up For the Real Suicide Camp

Feel free to connect with us online, by phone or pop into the Totterdown Gym to discuss our four week suicide camp and how it could benefit you. Our instructors love to help you set out your goals, assess your current level and build a path to making those goals come true. They’re also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to connect with us using the social media Tabs to find out more about what we offer within the packages or to ask us any questions