Beach fit, wedding and holiday, fitness packages in Bristol

Beach and Wedding Fit

The big day is looming around the corner.

That holiday to somewhere hot with lots of beaches is coming up. You want to look good. You want to feel good.

You want to be totally fit when the day comes round, so you look good in and out of your suit, your dress, or your beach gear.
Real Fitness have designed two intense and extended training programmes to help you get fit for your wedding day or your big holiday abroad - or to Weston-Super-Mare! They are intense programmes which require time and commitment, but they are part of the Real Fitness philosophy of matching your goals with your real lives. We want you to succeed and we want you to feel good and enjoy life while you’re doing it.

Beach / Wedding Fit - Intense

beach and wedding fit intense training package in Bristol
Based in the Totterdown Gym, our Bristol-based beach and wedding fit programme Our Intense wedding and beach fit workout programme includes:
  • A 6 week programme
  • 4 hours of training sessions per week
  • Structured, personalised eating plan and lifestyle guidance
  • A protein shake after every workout

What are the Benefits of the Beach Fit Programme?

You will look good on the beach and you will feel fit at the same time. The beach fit programme is designed to not only make you look good in photos, but to also make you feel good when playing or exercising on the beach. If you want to get eyes turning to you, the intense and extended programmes are going to be a real boost. We’ll work on your weight control, diet, muscle building and muscle toning, and overall aerobic fitness.

Beach / Wedding Fit Extended

beach and wedding fit extended training package in Bristol
Wherever you are in Bristol, our wedding and beach fit extended programme has the long term structured guidance you need to get ready. At the start, we will work out with you what level of fitness you have now, what your lifestyle is like and what you ideally want to achieve, and what you realistically can. Together we’ll work out a 12 week programme which will revolutionise your life and get you where you want to be. The Real Fitness extended wedding/beach fit programme includes:
  • A 12 week programme
  • 4 hours of workout sessions per week
  • A personalised eating plan, plus structured lifestyle guidance
  • A protein shake after every session

What are the Benefits of the Wedding Fit Programme?

The wedding fit programme will get you looking good in those photos. Whether you want to look more buff and toned or whether you want to lose weight so you can fit into a suit or dress, our programmes will help you. The wedding packages focus on body shape, weight control and other aesthetic sessions while taking into account that you do not necessarily want to show them off, just look good in your photos. Regardless, these training programmes will be a good base for future fitness and training should you want to continue after the big day.

Sign Up For the Beach and Wedding Fit Programme

Feel free to connect with us by email or social media, give us a ring, or come visit us at the Totterdown Gym to discuss our four week suicide camp and how it could benefit you. Our instructors love to help you set out your goals, assess your current level and build a path to making those goals come true. They’re also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to connect with us using the social media Tabs to find out more about what we offer within the packages or to ask us any questions