Welcome to Real Fitness

Real Fitness is about finding out who you are and who you want to be, and helping you achieve your dreams and goals.

We are an independent fitness and training team who work with the Totterdown Gym in South Bristol and also arrange outdoor training programmes. At Real Fitness, we have some pretty simple core principles:

* Fitness for everyone

* Work hard and play hard

* Workouts for real life

Real Fitness is not just about bodybuilders.

While we do offer personal weight training and muscle building regimes, the majority of our clients are not bodybuilders. We cater for all needs and all levels, whether it is looking to lose some weight, get in shape for a holiday or for wedding day, or to get fitter or to apply specific training methods to become better at a sport. We are for all people who care about their health and their training.We specialise in weight loss, muscle building, strength training, fitness and nutrition.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard

Real Fitness was founded to put our philosophies into practice. We want to offer the most comprehensive packages offering personal training, outdoor training, hard as nails suicide camps, beach/wedding fitness regimes, circuit training, weight control, and junior box-it.

This philosophy is simple: work hard and have fun while doing it. By keeping it fun and building a sense of team spirit; especially in our classes, we make losing weight and getting fitter a positive life event and that’s something we should never forget. Fitness programmes, weight training, getting slimmer and building core strength is about improving your life.

keeping it real

The final part of our core philosophy is reality. That’s why we’re Real Fitness. We understand that there is a major difference between a professional athlete and an everyday person trying to improve themselves. Real Fitness programmes are based around making small and incremental changes to your daily routine and lifestyle. We aim to fit our personalised and tailored regimes, activities and sessions around your unique needs and schedules, so you can reach your goals without completely upsetting the rhythms of your life.

About Dave Flowers

For Dave Flowers, fitness is all about who you are and what you need. However, it is important to let you know who Dave is and what inspires him to run Real Fitness, his unique fitness training business. He is a man who believes in hard work, tough training, but while keeping it fun. It’s his personal philosophy to be strong both on the inside and the outside and if he were any other way he’d not be true to himself or those he helps.

A sports lover his whole life, Dave has taken part in sports tournaments and competitive matches ranging from karate and boxing to football and volleyball, he’s even taken part in chess and draughts matches. He is also a life-long body building enthusiast which began as a hobby at an early age and grew into a passion for fitness which has stayed with him his whole life.


Dave Flowers is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer. He also holds qualifications in Level 2 Gym Instructing, Gym Based Circuits, Gym based Boxing and Spin. He also holds a P.A.DI Open Water Divers License.

Like What You See?

Contact Real Fitness to speak to Dave or a member of our friendly team to learn more about what we do and what we can do for you. We have a whole range of tailored, personal classes and programmes to help you achieve your fitness and training goals.

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