Welcome to Real Fitness Bristol

Are you looking to ease back into fitness?

Would you like to lose weight or look better? How about pack on some muscle or do some sport-specific gym-based training in Bristol? At Real Fitness, we have a full range of tailored personal training packages and fitness classes to help you achieve your dreams.

Let’s keep it real simple. Based in Totterdown, we have access to indoor and outdoor training programmes, we’ve been there, we know what it’s like to start from the bottom and build up, to lose weight and to gain experience. No matter your age or starting level, we can create the training programmes, weight loss programmes and diet regimes you need to succeed.

Personal Training

There is no one-size fits all in real fitness regimes and it’s no different here. We’ll work with you to build the best personal training package in Bristol

Outdoor Training

Don’t be bound by the gym. We’re more than four walls at Real Fitness Bristol. We have personal training packages to suit all locations

Suicide Camp

Are you up for the challenge? It’s gonna be painful, it’s gonna test your resolve, but it will be organized fitness and structured workouts with great results

Beach / Wedding Fit

Want to get fit for that summer holiday? Want to look good on the big day? We’ll get you ready on time with a tailored, personal fitness regime

Circuit Training

Mix up your training regime - burn some fat, build your muscles, and improve your fitness with circle training in Bristol

Weight Control

Getting fit is not just about working out. We work with you to provide weight management and diet plans 

Junior Box-it

Want to encourage your children to exercise? We run Junior Box-it Bristol programmes to help kids get fit and learn a new sport

About Me

My name is Dave Flowers and I specialise in weight loss, muscle building, strength training and personal fitness/nutrition in Bristol

Real Fitness is more than a company name - it’s a philosophy. Our whole approach to fitness training in Bristol is real people, real situations and real life. In the real world, outside of professional sports and movies, our time is limited and so are our resources. A professional athlete spends their whole life training, preparing both mentally and physically, and eating a painstakingly designed diet to maximise their abilities.

Here in the real world, at Real Fitness, we know how difficult it is to get even close to that kind of dedication. No matter how much you want it, the real world gives us limits. Our philosophy is to find realistic ways to get you your dream results while still living your real lives here in this great city and the surrounding area.

Not only will Real Fitness help you lose weight, gain muscle and reach your fitness training goals, we will work with you in such a way that you can factor in our regimes and programmes into your everyday lives. With small, realistic tweaks and improvements, we will help you reach your potential without unrealistic changes to your life.

Real Fitness is more than just a fitness company - we are a team of like-minded people, each with an individual goal, but a desire to change things for the better - together. Everyone who trains with us becomes part of the Real Fitness team whether they are clients who train together in our classes or our individual PT clients. We train with a sense of fun, hard work, pride and friendship.

Our classes and programmes are run in partnership with The Totterdown Gym, a fun and friendly gym based in South Bristol, not far from the city centre.

Feel free to connect with us using the social media Tabs to find out more about what we offer within the packages or to ask us any questions